X10 XPS4 X10 PRO Decora 20 Amp Wall Switch Module (NEW XPS3)


X10 XPS4 X10 PRO Decora 20 Amp Wall Switch Module (NEW XPS3)

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X10 XPS4 X10 PRO Decora 20 Amp Wall Switch Module (NEW XPS3) | electrical

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X10 PRO 20A Decorator Wall Switch XPS4-IW
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XPS4 X10 Decorator Wall Switch Module replaces switches that control appliances and lights using incandescent or non-incandescent bulbs. It fits your existing switch plate and functions locally as an on/off switch. Allowing for both remote and timed control, it integrates your home’s wired lighting and appliances with your X10 system. The XPS4 Switch can expand for 3-way and 4-way control with the XPSS X10 Pro Companion Switch.

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This new XPS4 has been redesigned from the XPS3 to be quieter with more solid in design. We have updated relays that produce just a fraction of the noise the old ones do and the switch now also encorporates AGC (Automatic Gain Control) to help reduce noise immediately around the switch, improving its reliablilty.

The XPS4 has received some cosmetic changes too!  The paddle switch has been slightly altered to provide a better, more solid feel.  The LED lighting has also been revamped and now provides a convenient very faint glow when off to help better locate the switch at night.  The LED turns OFF once the unit is powered on.

Integrate you large, wired-in appliances and or flourescent and CFL bulbs/fixtures into your home X10 system with the XPS4 X10 Pro Decorator Wall Switch Module. Replace your standard wall switch for complete local and remote X10 control of heaters, air conditioners, pool equipment and other high-power devices, as well as incandescent and non-incandescent light bulbs. The XPS4 Pro Switch can be used in 3-way and 4-way applications with the addition of one or more XPSS Companion Switch, and it can be paired with your current switch plate or one available at any local hardware or big box store.

Consumers should be aware that the XPS4 X10  Decorator Wall Switch Module responds to the All Lights On command, and care should be taken when they control large appliances.


* 2 Year X10 PRO Warranty
* Interchangeable White and Ivory Paddles
* Expandable for 3-way and 4-way switches with a XPSS
* Handles 20-amp devices at 120V for up to 1,800 watts of control
* Responds to On, Off, All Lights On, and All Units Off commands
* LED indicator shows when switch is on or off
* Requires a neutral wire connection
* Uses your existing wall plate
* Works with all X10 remotes



X10 PRO Product No.:

Connection Requirements:  Neutral Wire
Power Rating: 20-amp devices at 120V, control up to 1,800 watts
Load Type: Incandescent and fluorescent
Color: White and Ivory






INTERNATIONAL BUYERS PLEASE READ: The X10 Products we sell use 120V 60HZ Power. Wireless devices operate on the U.S. frequency of 310MHZ.



One (1) X-10 20-Amp Relay Decorator Wall Switch XPS4 PRO
One (1) Set of interchangeable white/ivory paddle switch covers (Trim plate not included) 

X10 Home Automation is a module based technology which simply means that different X10 products work together to control certain devices in your home. If there are items listed in this box, then the X10 product advertised will not work unless you have one or more of these X10 products listed below.

These optional X10 products can enhance your X10 experience and enable you to add additional functionality, like remote control, timed functions, motion sensor triggers, computer control and much more. We are trying to make X10 as simple to understand as possible, click here to learn more or feel free to email us with questions.




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