X10 XPNR Wired Noise Reducer


X10 XPNR Wired Noise Reducer

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XPNR Noise Reducer

Block Out Noisy High-Current Devices!

Increase the reliability of your X10 signals with this powerful Noise Filter!

Are you having problems controlling a fluorescent ballast or other electrically noisy device from an X10 wall switch or in-wall module? Then you should try the XPNR.

It installs between the device making the noise and the module controlling it. It muffles signals above and below the X10 frequency when noise is detected, helping the X10 signal to get through.

The XPNR uses a tuned Impedance circuit which is normally invisible to the any X-10 PRO receiver. When “Offending Noise” is detected on the circuit, the Noise Reducer will attenuate signals above and below the frequency of the 120KHz of the Power Line Carrier signal. The unique characteristics of this device also help to minimize the effects of transients and spikes on the Power Line.


X10 Product No.: XPNR
Whats Included:

(1) X10 PRO Noise Reducer

Dimensions: 1.25″ in diameter, 2.5″ long
Power Rating:






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