X10 PSC01 Powerflash Burgular Alarm Interface


X10 PSC01 Powerflash Burgular Alarm Interface

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PSC01 Powerflash Burgular Alarm Interface

Give X10 Power to Practically Anything In Your Home!

With the X10 Powerflash Interface you can have your vacuum turn off when the doorbell rings or send an X10 signal to a Chime Module when the garage door opens.

This X10 Powerflash Interface allows almost anything to send X10 signals. The plug-in unit sends an X10 signal to receiver devices when a contact closure is made or low-voltage (6-18V AC, DC or Audio) is applied to its terminals.

This device connects to a dry contact such as the external connectors on an existing, wired in security system and transmits 1 of 3 signals when tripped.

Mode 1: Turns all X-10 controlled lights ON along with 1 appliance.

Mode 2: Flashes X-10 controlled lights ON and OFF.

Mode 3: Turns 1 selected X-10 address ON and OFF.

You can even use Powerflash Interface to interface with an existing burglar alarm and give it X10 Power! 

Simply wire the output from your non-X10 security system to this module and set the module to Mode 2. When your alarm trips, the PowerFlash Module can cause your indoor and outdoor X10 lights to flash, scaring off intruders and making your house easily visible.

The Possibilities are Limitless

The device sends an X10 signal in response to a motion detector, photocell, magnetic window switch or virtually any device with output. The module can be activated by a low voltage (6-18VDC) or a dry contact (no voltage) switch closure. Once activated the module sends an X10 signal. The Powerflash module becomes deactivated when the low voltage is removed or the dry contact switch is opened.


X10 Product No.: PSC01
Whats Included: (1) X10 PRO Powerflash Burgular Alarm Interface, (1) Installation guide
Compatibility: Use with output devices to send X10 signals
Activation.: Dry contact or low voltage (6-18VDC)
Inputs: Input A: 6-18VAC/DC or audio.

Input B: Dry contact closure.








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