X10 PRO Pam04 Heavy Duty 20-Amp Appliance Module 2 yr warranty


X10 PRO Pam04 Heavy Duty 20-Amp Appliance Module 2 yr warranty

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Pam04 Heavy Duty 20-Amp Appliance Module

Instant ON/OFF Remote Control for Your Heavy-Duty Appliances

With the X10 PRO Heavy Duty Appliance Module (PAM04) you can now easily automate air conditioner, hot water heaters, spas, dryers & other 220V appliances

Just like standard 110V appliance modules, these heavy-duty modules give you the power to remotely control 220V appliances with any X10controllertimerphone transponder or computer interface.

With X10, the possibilities are limitless:

Turn on your pool pump from your kitchen or start up your hot tub before you leave the office for a warm relaxing soak after a long day.

Save energy and save on untility bills by automating your air conditioner to turn off after you leave the house then switch back on before you get back.

You can even start your washer or dryer with a phone call.

Automating heavy-duty appliances like these is a snap with incredible X10 module!


X10 Product No.: PAM04
Whats Included: (1) X10 Heavy Duty 220V Appliance Module
Power Load: 220V appliances rated at 20A or less
Product Manual

These modules are designed for single split-phase 110/220V or 120/240V systems only.

They will not work on three-phase electrical systems commonly found in some industrial locations and apartments so be sure to check your electrical system before purchasing.

Note: 15 and 20 amp appliances have different prong configurations. 







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