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MICTUNING LED light bar work light wiring harness Relay 40 Amp


MICTUNING 12V 40A relay,it is a great replacement for light bar.
Suitable for MICTUNING MIC-B1001, MIC-B1002, MIC-B1003 LED light bar wiring harness kit
Easy to use,just Plug in connector and secured.

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MICTUNING 12V 5-Prong Relays with 5-Prong Harness Sockets – (30A NC/40A NO)

Wide Application
As an electrical control device, the relay is in fact an “automatic switch” that controls the operation of a large current through a small current, so that it has functions of automatic regulation, safety protection as well as circuit conversion. Many automobile and motor devices need a relay to control the circuit, such as led work light, fog lamps, starter, wiper, fans, speakers, central locking, alarm, electric windows, etc. MICTUNING 5-prong relay with harness socket set is A Must Have for your love car!

Instruction of Relays and Harness Sockets
Here are switch contacts:
PIN 85 – Black
PIN 86 – White

The actuator will close 87 and open 87a when the circuit is completed.

The Blue Wire (Positive) is the power to your accessory, while 87 or 87a is depending on whether the relay has power.

PIN 30 – Blue 12V
PIN 87 – Yellow NO (Normally Open)
PIN 87a – Red NC (Normally Close)
For instance, in the case of the fog lamps turn off while the high beams are on:
30 – Low Beam 12V
85 – High Beams 12V
86 – Ground Wire
87a – Fog Lamps
87 – Empty

Package Included:
5x Relays
5x Harness Sockets

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