3 Pack WS467 Dimmable Wall Switch Module X10 Home Automation


3 Pack WS467 Dimmable Wall Switch Module X10 Home Automation

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3 Pack WS467 Wall Switch Module

3 Pack X10 WS467 Dimmable Wall Switch!

The WS467 X10 Wall Switch Module will integrate your home’s light fixtures and bring a new level of functionality your common light switch can’t compete with. Existing single pole, 2 wire wall switches are easy to replace with the WS467 X10 Wall Switch Module. It uses your own switch plate, or one that may be easily purchased at any local hardware or big box store and connects like any standard switch.

Anyone in your home can control your fixtures locally with the simple and accessible wall switch. But with an X10 remote, like the HR12A PalmPad Remote Control, the WS467 Switch will respond to the All Lights On and All Units Off commands.  X10 wireless remotes and plug-in controllers, like the MC10A Mini Controller2 allow you to remotely dim and brighten incandescent bulbs.

The WS467 Switch can be installed on an outdoor fixture. Turn on your porch light with the KR19A Keychain Remote to avoid navigating steps in the dark. Indoor fixtures on the WS467 Switch give any room in your house a relaxed, inviting atmosphere by dimming bulbs that were only on/off lights in the past. Convert all your old switches, and light up the whole house with a single command for an instant welcome or increased safety. With your X10 wireless remote or timed plug-in controllers, like the MT13A Mini Timer, connecting you to the fixtures in your home, the WS467 Switch makes turning everything off when it’s not in use a breeze.

The WS467 X10 Wall Switch Module enhances your home lighting further with the new the Soft Start feature. Lights fade up gradually in about 2 seconds to soften that sudden brightness that can be uncomfortable, and even disorienting.  And with Resume Dimming, your lights will remember the level they were previously dimmed to and will brighten to that level on their next use. When the time comes to shut your lights off, a gradual fade of approximately 2 seconds will dim down to off, for a pleasant effect as opposed to instant darkness.


Please be aware that though the X10 system features many types of modules for enhancing and controlling your home environment, the WS467 X10 Wall Switch Module only works with incandescent bulbs, and will not work properly with other bulbs, such as compact fluorescents. However, the WS13A Decorator Relay Light Switch work well in those applications.

X10 USA Product No.:WS467
Whats Included:(3) THREE WS467 Wall Switch Module – White
Compatibility:Use with X10 compatible transmitter and any standard toggle trim plate (each sold separately).
Load Range:60W to 500W
Compatible Load Type:Incandescent only (no fluorescent)
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