2 Pack X10 AM466 3-Pin Grounded Appliance Module X-10


2 Pack X10 AM466 3-Pin Grounded Appliance Module X-10

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2 Pack AM466 X10 Appliance Module

2 PACK! Grab 2 at a discounted price!

Add Remote Control to Any Household Electronic Device in Seconds

Introducing the easiest way to automate radios, fans, air conditioners and lights over 300 watts!

You’ll be taking remote control of your home appliances in no time! Just plug any three-prong device into an X10 Appliance Module, plug the module into an outlet, and the device can now be turned on or off from any X10 controller in the house!

With the X10 Appliance Module & optional accessories, the possibilies are limitless:

Turn on the holiday lights from inside your car with a keychain remote!

Protect your home from burglars while you’re away by adding X10 motion sensor to automatically turn a loud radio on when someone approaches your home.

Turn on the air conditioner with a universal remote control with an Infrared X10 Command Console.

Cool down your room by turning on a window air conditioner an hour before you come home from work simply with an X10 timer!

You can also control devices from your PC, even voice activated X10 controllers. All communication takes place using your existing wiring in the home — no new wiring required!

X10 Product No.:AM466
Whats Included:(2) X10 Appliance Module 3-Pin Grounded (AM466)
Power Rating Rated at 15 amps, 1/3 hp, 500 watts
Controllable Devices:Fluorescent Lights, Air conditioners, Hot tubs, Computers, Coffeemakers, Radios, Electric blankets, Hot water heaters, Battery chargers, Fountains and pool pumps, Vacuum cleaners


Note: These modules are identical to 2-pin X10 appliance modules, but with a 3-pin socket. Use with appliances that have a 3-pin plug (grounded plugs). Each X10 module is given its own address by selecting a letter (house code) and number (unit code) on the 2 dials. Rated for 15 amps, or 1/3 Hp.


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